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Why use Kahoot?

  1. Kids love it. It’s a competition. It’s fun. It’s fast. It’s stressful.
  2. It’s wonderful for a WHOLE CLASS review. After each question the answer is revealed and there is time for a teacher to go over responses.
  3. It allows you to get data after each question, seeing on the screen what students are choosing and where they may be going right or wrong.
  4. The speed of the game allows for you to see whether students are VERY familiar with a concept or may need a little more review.
  5. Pictures, videos, and text may be put into questions so you can do more than just ask simple questions.




Why use Quizizz?

  1. Kids love it. Again, it’s a competition but they can actually compete with other class periods because they don’t take it all simultaneously. 
  2. Kids love it because of the memes! They are adorably built into the game for a quick brain break.
  3. Quizizz can be taken ANY time and ANY where as long as they have the link. Students can also take it multiple times.
  4. Quizizz is better for individual review- put it in a Hyperdoc or post it on Google Classroom before a test.
  5. Quizizz’s premade quizzes are splendid and you can have your own data on your students even if you didn’t make the quiz.
  6. The data is SO easy:quiz

Here are my running quizzes.. just click view to see data.

Below is my data by question. I can easily see what students are missing as a whole class or group of classes. Uh oh with question #1! Then if I want to look at individual student score, I go to players and it sorts them in order from highest to lowest. I can then go check with students who are on the lower side. SO SO easy. quiz2

Don’t pick either Kahoot or Quizizz.. pick both! Listen below to why I say pick both.