Games, Content, and Tech

Have you heard of this game, Game of Phones? If you haven’t yet it’s pretty much the same as Apples to Apples or Horrible Apples to Apples aka Cards Against Humanity. Students love both games, as we know and they also love this thing called their cellphone. Usually in school we are not about letting students on their phones, but what if we could engage them in a quick game that combined content. I’m not saying everyday, but we could possibly trick them into learning using their phone for a quick second.

Below are what the Game of Phones game cards look like. You can see the directions and buy the cards yourself here. 


Basically what I’ve done is taken the idea of Game of Phones and added some content questions. I did not add YOUR content, I don’t know what subject you teach and I think this would work will all content areas. Instead I made generic questions that students could use and you would fill in the blank adding whatever you were learning about content wise. Check out the directions on this Slidebook below, open it up so you can click on links and print and make your own copy by clicking here. 

If I was doing this in my own class, I think I would change up how I would do it all the time. I might start with the whole class as one group with me being the judge for a few rounds to show them how to fairly judge once they get in groups. I think to keep the competition alive I would keep the groups between 6-10. Too small and it’s not that fun, too large and you never win. I think this could be a SUPER fun way to review, so there is a place for you to click and add your own questions once you understand and play the game with students. Please add to it and I’ll keep changing the big Slidebook. YAY! Let me know what you think below.

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