Google Slides Q+A: for Staff PD and Students!

Google Slides Q and A is out, and people are LOSING THEIR MINDS EXCITED. If you don’t know what I am talking about go check this article out by Google on how it was implemented at a middle school by a presenter.

Now, after the excitement wears out you might be hesitant to use this with your students if you have similar students to mine. Our everyday use of technology chats and Google Classroom questions haven’t gone exactly as planned sometimes. Let me show you what I mean…



In Google Classroom I ask them to think of thoughtful questions to comment and have a conversation with their peers and I get a lot of “true, true, I agree”, or one simple question. Their responses are always well developed when I ask them a question but if they have to ask someone else a question they have no idea where to start, and honestly they don’t know why they would need to. Then in the box on the right we’ve got kids who have no idea what a chat is for any reason other than to literally say Hi, how are you. Yes, they have been told you can collaborate and chat about your project or you assignment, but they don’t really know how to do that. Keep in mind, I teach junior high (which for you junior high teachers you get why I’m putting the misnomer) but, I think this a problem beyond middle school.

So, instead of avoiding having students ask questions just because it can be difficult and time consuming, let’s conquer it head on. Here are some ideas I have come up with…

1. Give students a sample list of questions and tell them to add questions they come up with or they hear from you in class.


2. Model, model, model. Show them how to use Google Chat effectively, take a PD presentation during staff time and use Google Slides Q and A. Save that conversation and show it to your students.  (PLUS, what a better way than just having a Principal or Teacher present!)

3. Like I said in the Google Slides above, STOP when students don’t ask questions correctly and use this as a negative model. If we keep letting it go, it will keep happening!


See my question above, this is appropriate conversation. The comment that just says “yes” doesn’t really tell me much kids.. How can we fix that? 

4. Bring in a guest speaker through Google Hangouts or into your classroom and have them practice.

Well that’s all I’ve got folks.. if you have other suggestions or resources please holler below! Hope this helps and you see some success with students.


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