Technology and Interactive Notebooks

This is 100% inspired by Ditch the Book writer Matt Miller using sketch notes and incorporation of technology. Go check him out if you haven’t already.

Now, on to what has worked in my room..

computer-and-pencil1Student’s need to use both the PENCIL and the COMPUTER. Interactive notebooks work SO SO well with full GAFE implementation.

What are Sketch Notes?

Sketch notes are awesome if taught correctly. To start students out I show them this video that kind of teaches them the difference between doodling and sketching with a purpose.

Now, since I have ditched the textbook I would have them take Sketch Notes using the technology. For example, as an introductory unit to Industrial Revolution students are reading a poem on the Industrial Revolution and annotating that as a whole class. After completing that it would go in the left side of their interactive notebook, because left side is kind of like whole class left brained stuff while right side tends to be individual student created stuff. If you need help here..


What technology goes with the Sketch Notes?

My two favorite technology tools to have students do Sketch Notes with are Hyperdocs (as maybe a culminating activity at the end of the Hyperdoc) OR Slidebooks. Not all of my Hyperdocs are like this, but say a Hyperdoc with some reading, activities, and videos ask students to take notes on the side. They could choose to do that OR they could take sketch notes in their interactive notebook. Choices! Here’s an introductory Slidebook to the Industrial Revolution by the awesome Matt MacFarlane (I have a few posted on my site, more to come.) You could have students use this at the beginning of the unit to take sketch notes to preview what is going to come. My students LOVE the freedom of their notes and the ability to work at their own time on each slide.

Can students really use both at once?

You might think, too much multi-tasking come on. I have found that students remember much more for some reason and perform higher on task when using both the notebook and the computer in comparison with just Google Drive notes or just the interactive notebook and a worksheet or textbook. While this is just the very beginning of students starting their sketch notes look how well they work and flow from computer to text.


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