Social Media for every Class and Subject (pt. 1 – Instagram!)

Social Media can be SO scary, as kids are posting anything and everything now on the internet. Whether it is scary or not, they LOVE it, so as teachers we need to start using what they love to get them hooked on learning.

Mrs. Tyler’s Class Instagram 


Simple: Create a class Instagram. Tell your students your account information at the beginning of the year, and have them follow you. You can choose to follow them back, but you don’t have to (you don’t actually need to see what they post.)

Why would you want a class Instagram? Here are the main reasons I use it…

  1. Reminding kids of BIG assignments due.updates

I have over 50 students following me on my class Instagram. Every one of these kids checks their Instagram like 40 times a night, and I just reminded each and every one of them that their Lost Colony comic was due tomorrow! I even got to show them an example of one. Basically, you are taking over their social media with reminders of homework, WOOHOO!

2. Getting students excited about class activities and showing parents what we do. 

Junior highers, and all kids actually, like getting noticed. With my class instagram I can take pictures of the student of the month, a sports game, a super wonderful rally, or the latest field trip to the capitol. Students can login and reminisce on such a wonderful experience they had at school (positive campus culture??) AND parents can follow the instagram as well. Short, concise, and easy for teachers – NO NEED FOR A PARENT NEWSLETTER! In a few characters and a couple pictures, look at how sweet our field trip was!


3. Communication with students: Quick and easy!

Depending on the age of your students, students don’t really like to email. My junior highers especially, and I’ve heard the same thing from highschoolers. They just don’t want to email their teacher at 9pm about a question with homework, it’s scary to them. What isn’t scary to the is direct messaging their teacher on Instagram. Now because this isn’t your personal Instagram and is the class Instagram students feel more comfortable asking questions. Let me show you how to do this (the students probably know already but you can remind them..)

If a student messages you it will be right in that top hand corner. You can respond by clicking the message and writing them back. Students can send you pictures or questions! I’ve had students send me field trip pictures and questions the day before. Take a look at my inbox right now from students..


I’ve got a question about water bottles on the field trip and a picture from the field trip I can print and put in class! How easy is that. Make students feel comfortable and reach them on their level! Have tons of fun.

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5 thoughts on “Social Media for every Class and Subject (pt. 1 – Instagram!)

  1. tylerhistorynerd says:

    Hi Joni! From what I have noticed, students use instagram MUCH more than they use facebook because of the accessibility and quickness due to a short word count and pictures. Not saying a facebook page wouldn’t work, but in the junior high and high school world Instagram is much more “in”.


  2. mrkauf says:

    I recently began using a class Instagram account. I have started with just having parents follow me as a way to improve communication with home and as a way to help parents talk to their children about what’ happening in class. After reading this I believe I am ready to have the students follow the account as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

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